Innovate your flight training system.

Lesson Plan Manager

LPM is a one-stop-shop for your flight simulator lesson plans. Create, publish, update, and archive them all in one place in the cloud. It has automatic features to help both authors and end users. Simple, modular, powerful.

Training Path Manager

TPM allows you to create, publish, update and archive your flight training paths in the cloud. It contains a Training Path Variation module, allowing you to tailor training paths for individual trainees based on their previous qualifications and experience. TPM integrates seamlessly with Digital Training Book.

Digital Training Book

DTB allows instructors and trainees to easily review training path requirements that have been customised for the fleet and training path. Instructors and flight training managers can digitally sign off the training events as a trainee progresses, from any device. DTB includes self-auditing features for easy visual presentation of progress.

Bid Period Reporter

BPR is the reporting tool for flight training managers. Your trainers can quickly and easily submit their bid period reports directly on the platform. Managers can review the reports using filters to easily find the information they are looking for.

Trainer Chat

TC is the chat tool for trainers to provide direct feedback on lesson plans, or to discuss training tips and issues with other trainers. It's a short message facility that uses simple search and hashtag filtering.

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