Innovate your flight training system


Platform Features

Machwave Sim

Machwave Sim is a one-stop shop for your flight simulator lesson plans. Create, publish, use, update, and auto-archive them all in one place in the cloud. Simple, modular, powerful.

Machwave Discuss

The chat tool for trainers to provide direct feedback on lesson plans, or to discuss training issues with other trainers. It's a short message facility that includes search and hashtag filtering.

Machwave Report

The reporting tool for flight training managers. Your trainers can quickly and easily submit their bid period reports directly on the platform. Managers can review the reports using filters to easily find the information they are looking for.

Machwave Path

Trainers and trainees can review training path requirements that have automatically been tailored for the trainee's fleet. Trainers and flight training management can digitally sign off the requirements as a trainee progresses through their program. It includes automated auditing of the training path requirements.

Machwave Compliance

Under Development. Flight training managers will be able to review their fleet's regulatory compliance in just three clicks. Compliance checking will be available for both type rating and recurrent programs, to check against both national and ICAO regulations.

Machwave Risk

Under Development. Senior airline management and flight training managers will be able to review their fleets' training response to identified operational risks. First add the risk at one of three levels: group, airline, or fleet. Then add the training responses embedded in lesson plans and/or other documents (e.g. flight standing orders). Finally, view the risk and linked responses on the summary page.